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  Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick  

New Brunswick is heavily forested, with 3 main cities, Saint John, Fredericton and Moncton. The most appealing areas for tourists are the shores of New Brunswick along the Bay of Fundy, and the indigenous and Acadian influenced areas along the Northumberland Strait. Our first post-Covid trip was an exploration of this unique part of Canada.

The New Brunswick Legislative Building in Fredericton serves as the  meeting place for the Legislative Assembly.

The historic Garrison District is an 18th Century British army base now home to artists' studios, an outdoor theater and a changing of the guards ceremony.

Fredericton is home to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the designated provincial gallery and the Maritimes' largest.

Saint John is currently undergoing massive redevelopment projects to revive its historical waterfront and town center. The city serves as a starting point for the coastal attractions of the Fundy Shore.

Saint John is the oldest incorporated city in Canada. It had Canada's first public market.

Cape Enrage on the Fundy Shore is a protected bird habitat. The nearby lighthouse also offers a zipline experience.

Fundy National Park showcases a rugged coastline which rises up to the Canadian Highlands, the highest tides in the world, and more than 25 waterfalls.

At Hopewell Rocks, the amazing tides of the Bay of Fundy can be observed. At low tide people can walk on the sea floor. At high tide people kayak among the islets that are the peaks of the rocks.

New Brunswick has over 60 covered bridges. Hartland is famous for having the world's longest one.

Shediac, New Brunswick is famous for the world's largest lobster statue.

Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews sponsors annual sculpture competitions displayed in its gorgeous setting.

The historic King Edward Memorial Bandstand in Saint John is noted for its fine filigree.


The Salmon Plaza monument in Campbellton recognizes the importance of the salmon fishery.

                  A unique esthetic is found in the public artworks in the various regions of New Brunswick.

St. Andrews by-the-Sea was founded in 1783. It is home to 140 heritage buildings. It is also home to an impressive aquarium, the Huntsman Fundy Marine Discovery Center.

Stately homes from the turn of the century have been restored or converted for commercial purposes. The building in the upper right is the International Arts Institute.


Ferries travel among a string of islands to Campobello, Grand Manan and Deer Island seen here.

St. Stephen is a historic border town. Across the river lies Calais, Maine.


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