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Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas is well-known as a fun spot for a getaway, especially to view shows, eat and drink, and do some gambling. We enjoyed less-known but more peaceful, family-oriented and nature-based activities, especially in the surrounding desert.

Approaching the airport, the Las Vegas terrain can be clearly seen, with its dominant "Strip" of hotels and casinos.

The 4.2 mile "Strip" features 30 enormous elaborately-themed hotel casinos as well as other entertainment attractions.

The Miracle Mile Complex boasts 200 shops and restaurants, live performance venues and entertainment.

At the Venetian, an arcade is built to resemble Venice, complete with gondolas on canals.

The sky-lit atrium a the Bellagio displays seasonal scenes composed of trees, plants, flowers and water features.

At the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace the decor is reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance.

Landscaping involves waterfalls, fountains, sculpture and pirate ships.

Internationally reknowned artists have been involved in designing the art features of casinos, hotel lobbies and theatres.

Hoover Dam is a massive concrete arch-dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River on the border between Nevada and Arizona.

Built in the 1930's as a Depression-era project, the architecture of the Hoover Dam is remarkable for its Art Deco design and details.

Lake Las Vegas is an Italian-styled resort community around an artificial lake with a golf course, water park and high-end dining and shopping.

The Las Vegas Wash is a channel that feeds Las Vegas' water into Lake Mead. It is a surprising wetland region with an interpretive center and pleasant ponds and gardens in the midst of the desert.

Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris Las Vegas

Entrance to the BeatleShow at the Mirage

King Tut  sarcophagus replica at the Luxor

It is very entertaining to just walk around and view the over-the-top architecture and design features along the Strip.

With its interpretive center, natural history displays, pleasant trails and colorful landscapes, Springs Preserve is a refreshing oasis in the heart of downtown Las Vegas.

At the botanical gardens in Springs Preserve, and at the Ethel M's Botanical Garden, spectacular examples of succulents, cacti and desert fauna can be viewed.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in the Mojave Desert is known for its geological formations such as red sandstone peaks and the Keystone Thrust Fault.

A 13-mile scenic drive is dotted with panoramic viewing spots and hiking trailheads to see desert wildlife and Native American petroglyphs.

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