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  Los Angeles, California  

Greater Los Angeles is a massive megalopolis encompassing 5 counties and 40 municipalities with a combined population of 18.5 million. It is a popular tourist destination best known for its 6 theme parks, 25 beach parks, 15 shopping centers, 100 museums and many other interesting sites. Communities in Los Angeles' suburbs and south along the Pacific Coast offer much to see and do.

Long known for its association with the Hollywood entertainment industry, tourist attractions in Los Angeles include movie studios and performance venues and celebrity home viewing.

It is enjoyable to drive through residential streets to view the eclectic architectural styles of the homes dating from different periods over the past century.

On Mount Hollywood, in Griffith Park, the Griffith Observatory is a popular tourist attraction with its extensive array of science and space-related displays, and its panoramic views of the Los Angeles Basin.

The J. Paul Getty Museum in the Brentwood neighourhood of L.A. holds a vast collection of pre-20th Century paintings, drawings, manuscripts, sculptures and decorative arts. From its attractive gardens, the skyline of downtown Los Angeles can be viewed.

Glendale exemplifies a Los Angeles suburb that has established its own identity with an attractive central core of theatres, shops and restaurants.

A quirky attraction in Glendale is the Neon Art Museum with restored vintage neon signs and a workshop for neon artisans.

10 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena is known for its academic institutions, its historical downtown and its hosting of the Rose Bowl. (photo courtesy of UHaul.com)

A hidden treasure in Pasadena is The Huntington, an estate that houses 2 art museums, a library of historical books and letters, and themed gardens such as the Chinese Garden shown here.

The golden retablo in Basilica, San Juan Capistrano

A monument to honor early astronomers, Griffith Observatory

The world's largest wind chimes at Fashion Island Mall, Newport Beach

A wide range architectural features reflect the history, artistic traditions and culture of Southern California.

This view from  Crystal Cove State Park shows typical California coastline of basalt cliffs, rocky outcroppings, sand dunes and  beaches.

The historical area of  Crystal Cove has beach houses dating to the 1920s and 30s, the former homes of Japanese farmers and fishers which have been converted to vacation properties.

Newport Beach, a coastal community 40 miles south of downtown Los Angeles is known for its sandy beach and large recreational harbor which hosts many nautical competitions.

Newport's Balboa Peninsula has a port for ferries to Catalina Island and to nearby Balboa Island with its waterfront walking path and charming village center.


San Juan Capistrano Mission, established by Saint Junipero Serra in 1776, displays historical and religious artifacts, including the mission's original bells and chapel.


The Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano has an interior in a colonial Mexican style, and delightful paintings on its adobe walls of other California missions.

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